Chicago Dunnage Stamped Lumber

In Chicago, Industrial & Wholesale Lumber is your one-stop destination for dunnage stamped lumber. Used primarily as wood packaging for export grade crates, pallets, skids, and shipping materials, the dunnage stamped lumber from our Chicago facility meets all requirements for export shipment standards.

The dunnage mark on lumber identifies wood as being Heat-Treated and debarked and in compliance with ISPM-15 standards for export shipments. Dunnage stamped lumber is typically used for blocking, bracing, and chocking inside shipping containers and used primarily by wood packaging manufactures, shippers, and freight consolidators. At a minimum, the dunnage mark must be applied legibly every 24 inches.

For more information on the Timber Products Inspection regulations regarding dunnage stamped lumber, contact your Industrial and Wholesale Lumber representative or visit the TPI website.